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Sophia's Journey

Who Am I

Welcome Divine Spirit! It's so wonderful to cross paths on this consciousness delivery system that is technology! You: the conscious being in your body behind the screen and me: consciously typing out these words in the "about" page so that you can better understand who I am, what "I do" and if you "vibe with me" Your Body never lies and when we listen we can feel and know what resonates and excites us, and what is not for us. Tune into wisdom within you, YOUR gut feeling, as you read this page and determine whether we are a good fit or not.

For many it may not be and that's OK!


About Sophia

Mother and Medicine Woman, I am here to bear the torch as a wayshower for others during this time here on Earth, assisting planetary healing and

spiritual-evolution. If you too feel called to this path,

you are in the right place.

I didn't always know what my "purpose" was here. Throughout my childhood I felt extremely lost and out of place. A constant feeling of not belonging that I just couldn't shake off. As a teenager I was so disconnected and in the dark I tried to end it all.

I know that consuming darkness very well. Navigating my way & going through initiations, I've come to understood how to break free from those chains. Finding the home within I've always longed for.

Deeply anchored to who I am. 

The Journey to Harmony

Throughout daily life we encounter all kinds situations, circumstances, and frequencies that take our bodies out of tune; stress, trauma, toxins, social conditioning, the influence of mass media. If life were a song and each of us the instruments, I think we can all agree that the song we are collectively playing sounds a bit chaotic. Yeah? Off key and disharmonic. Like an orchestra all playing out of sync. 

We've detached ourselves from the deeper parts of our being through our training in school, our societal conditioning, ancestral trauma, and all the ways we've been programed to think and believe. It's time we wake up and write a new story. Open up to your full potential as a spiritual being in this sacred, wise, and ancient body.

"You Are The Universe Experiencing Itself"

~ Alan Watts


Body Wisdom

The road back home

This detachment and seperation from who we really are manifests in a multitude of ways. Unresolved events, emotions, and traumas become trapped in the body and tissues. This creates blocks & imbalances in chakras and restricts our energy flow, affecting us on multidimensional levels. 


I abused my body, though substances, self-harm, and starving myself. I hated who I was. Lost, disconnected and dissociated from my body.  

Years of antidepressants, treatment facilities, and therapist - I felt like my life was subject to this cycle for eternity.  

Through these unconscious holding patterns we literally carry our past expierences with us into the present, and react habitually from these patterns. (check your body right now. Are your shoulders up by your ears? Jaw clenched? Notice how by just bringing your awareness to these places your body starts to soften.

At 18 years old enough became enough and I took the wheel of my life and healing journey. I began working closely with plant medicine allies. I got myself off of antidepressants, and I began the process of healing my relationship with my body. Landing in the realm of yoga, I started to release and move through all the stuck energy that's been sitting stagnant. Activating and retrieving parts of me that I had no idea existed.  

Chakra Embodiment

The Map

After graduating high school I took a deep dive into studying ancient texts, knowledge, and taping into my inner well of wisdom. I completed my 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training in January of 2021. Forever a student of life, I am constantly learning and broadening my knowledge so that I can better assist spiritual evolution and healing for myself and others. I have been studying the chakra system for over 3 years now and apply this into every aspect of my daily life, and into my work as a medicine woman. 

Remember that life-song analogy I gave earlier? This is the part where we tune our instruments; our wise and ancient bodies. This is how we learn to play in harmony.


Through my 3 step process that I have developed and worked closely with, I help clients safely explore their own unique process of (1) Releasing stored energy, stuck emotions, & subconscious holding patterns in the body. Bringing the center chakra system back into a state of equilibrium  (2) Activating the bodies wisdom. Awakening their true potential through a range of chakra embodiment practices and teachings, tailored to each clients unique journey and process. Living fully embodied and creating the life they've been dreaming of.

(3) Integrating and anchoring this new way of being into daily life. It can be "easy" to find a state of inner peace when you're in your own bubble, but what about the real life shit? I've got a basket full of tools for clients to recode the mind, body, and spirit on all levels. Living in inner and outer harmony. At home in their body and resilient on their journey.

Through this work that I apply daily, I have transformed my entire life. From the lost little girl who thought she was "broken" for life, -  to the wise Mother and Woman I now am - empowered, anchored, and vibrant. Deeply loving every part of this journey - raising my precious son, Forest, navigating life through firmly grounded to my body's wisdom and holding the torch for others to discover their true path home.

Harmonious Journey

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