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Mindful Mama Mornings

A nourishing space for you and your little one.

Helping you to weave self-care into the realities of motherhood.

Session 2 Starts July 10th

Every Wednesday June 5th-August 7th

9:00-10:30 AM

At The Verona Athletic Center

411 Prairie Heights Dr.

Sacred Motherhood

You are a mom who knows that the Sacred Path of Motherhood is one of great importance. You consciously nurture and love your children and in doing so you are shaping the future of the world. I see you Mama! 


Benevolently serving your children while tending to yourself. Finding a balance between self-care practices while being a mom is HARD, quite frankly, it feels impossible at times. And yet we know that when we tend to ourselves, we show up in a more anchored and heart centered space for our children and everyone around us. You deserve a space where you can tend to yourself, your child, and BE TENDED TO, in a safe and nurturing environment. That's exactly what you and your child will receive at Mindful Mama Mornings. 

Blending Motherhood, Sisterhood,
Self-care and Spirituality

Let's bridge the gap between our spiritual/self-care practices and the everyday reality of motherhood. Our children are a part of us, let's create new ways to weave and blend our spiritual path in with parenting. I believe that motherhood is the ultimate spiritual path- living life in devotion and service to the future. 


We are raising the next generation of conscious, wise, peaceful, and loving humans, one household at a time. This is no easy job and certainly not one we were meant to do alone. Our ancient ancestors had 'Sacred Mother Circles' and Sisterhood to walk the path with them. Yet in our modern day world we've become so separate from each other. We feel this deep yearning in our soul for these spaces to be supported and held in Sisterhood, and community, WITH our dearest ones (not just when we can find a babysitter), our children are very much a part of us. 


I've been on this path of motherhood for a little over a year now. My son Forest has reshaped my life in the best way possible. Challenging and overstimulating at times ABSOLUTELY, but so deeply fulfilling and rewarding understanding the role we play as Mothers. 


Continuing my yoga, spiritual, and self-care practices as if I didn't now have a baby who relies on me for all his needs was simply impossible. And neglecting my self care and soul-needs so I could "fully" tend to him, certainly didn't make me a better mom. 


So I've had to completely reshape all aspects of my life. Finding harmony and balance, And continuously learning and growing alongside my son. Finding our flow together throughout the day. Nourishing and tending to both of us in the way we both deserve. 


This ultimately led to the birth and creation of what I am calling 'Mindful Mama Mornings.' -  A sacred and nurturing space for moms and there children to gather and nourish mind, body, and spirit, in commUNITY. 

What to Expect 

Arrive and get settled

9:00-9:15 AM

This is a space where mothers and children are nourished honored and celebrated. Bring your little one and come as you are - late, messy hair, and all - you are seen and welcomed here for all that you are.

Yoga & Embodiment

9:15-9:45 AM

Each week we will explore some gentle yoga and somatic embodiment practices. These will be taught in a way to be super adaptive to meet you exactly where you are at (prenatal/postnatal/baby-wearing/ or chasing down your little one) 

Ancient Teachings & Mindfulness Tools

Sharing  Circle


We will gather in circle and have time to share anything you want to bring into this space, to be seen and heard by fellow mothers, to connect, to nurse/fed your little ones, and playtime. I will be sharing teachings with ancient roots tying them into this sacred journey of motherhood. In addition I will be providing a wide range of breathing techniques and mindfulness tools that can be used anytime, anywhere to equip you with all that you need to stay centered and grounded on the path of parenting.

I'm a Mom, I get it...

We will have built-in time to get all the needs meet; change diapers, go to the bathroom, make a cup of tea, this is your space Mama. 

Feel free to hang around after to connect, play and enjoy the wonderful space and community. 

Have any questions?

Send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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