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We are Spiritual Beings
Having a Human Experience

 Life is your song,

your body is your instrument.

There is so much wisdom and untapped potential within the realm of your body,


You deeply FEEl that there is so much more to this life.

You've gotten glimpses of what this harmonious life-song can sound like.  

I'm here to help you weave harmony into every aspect of your life.

Mindful Mama Mornings

Join us this this summer, with your child(ren) for mornings of somatic embodiment, mindfulness, & community connection.

Your body holds the keys
chakra q.png
Return to the boundless temple within

Through daily life experiences, stress, anxiety, trauma, toxins, environment, and cultural conditioning, we become disconnected from our bodies. Our instruments play out of tune with the harmonious song we came to play. 

It's time we open up to our FULL potential as human beings, and EMBODY our truest self, as spiritual beings in these sacred, wise, and ancient bodies.


Sophia Louise Tollefson

Medicine Woman & Mother

Hello there dear soul,


I am Sophia, a wayshower - here to assist others on the path to their true essence & full potential, through the well of wisdom within.

It is my honor to be embark on this journey with you!

Harmonious Journey

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Welcome to the Journey!

Harmonious Journey

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